Video of James Roman Growing up in Public Housing

This is a video describing how I grew up in public housing and on welfare. I was able to overcome these and other struggles through sports and focusing on the single mother who raised him and his four sisters. 

Video of James Roman's Expectional Educational Background

Here, I am giving an explanation of my education and educational background. My mother always told me, education was the key to success, so I committed to working hard to obtain all of my educational achievements to help our family overcome.

James Roman Talking about his Award Winning Performance

I am discussing some of my award winning performance throughout my career. Two awards I am proudest of is the NCO Award for Honesty, Integrity & Leadership from Air Force ROTC and the Best Presentation at the National Academy of Family Practitioners Annual Conference. I won both of these for being myself. For the annual conference, I was the only non-medical doctor to give a presentation and still given the best presentation of their national conference.

James Roman Discussing his Professional Experience

I am discussing my professional work experience from working as a courthouse file clerk & paralegal for lawfirms to management consulting for Fortune 500 companies to being an adjunct college professor.