Key Issues for the Future of PA

PA is behind Arkansas, Alabama, Iowa, Idaho & others - 38th is NOT Good Enough!

Politics as usual is taking Pennsylvania down the wrong path. We are now behind Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Wyoming, Arkansas, Iowa, Montana, Idaho and others in the most important areas. The following statistics are from U.S News & World Report Study on Best States. Is this the Pennsylvania we want? It's time to take the Roman Road, for PA's path to the future and elect James Roman as your next State Representative for Bethel Park, Peters Township and Upper St. Clair.

44th in Quality of Life

Are we as Pennsylvanians happy with the 44th best quality of life in the country? We deserve better than we've been given over the last 20 years.

34th Best Economy?

Let me put this another way, our economy is the 16th worst in the country. We are #2 in largest unemployment increase in the country - 1% higher unemployment than the national average.  It is time to get businesses to come to Pennsylvania and bring new people and employees here because we rank 46th in population growth.

29th in Overall Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is crumbling right before our eyes. It is only time before either a serious disaster happens with our bridges or a major financial crisis occurs because of the amount of money needed to fix our infrastructure. As one of the highest taxes states already, do we really want to increase taxes again to fix our infrastructure?

42nd in Fiscal Stability

It is time for Change in Pennsylvania! We are not doing well in neither our short-term nor our long-term financial stability. We have the #1 highest gas tax, rank in the top ten highest property taxes, top twenty in highest expenditures per capita, have the largest full-time legislature in the country. A study by George Mason University found Pennsylvania to be the worst in the country in financial stability.

25th in Crime & Corrections

46th highest juvenile's incarcerated? Overall rated as 50 out of 50 in total corrections? What are we doing in Pennsylvania? It is time to stop the insanity and stop it now.