Extensive Experience

NOT a Career Politician - NOT a political insider!

Albert Einstein famously said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So, what do we do on election day? We vote for the person that has been involved in politics for decades; leaving us to wonder why nothing ever changes.

I was born with a desire and passion to give back to the community. It is now time for Washington County to shine under my leadership.  I have built my entire professional career for this opportunity to represent Washington County as your next Register of Wills.

On November 5, please vote for James Roman for Register of Wills.

Professional Experience

College Professor - As an Adjunct College Professor for over 15 years, I have taught at the University of Pittsburgh, Penn State University at New Kensington, Robert Morris University, CCAC, University of Texas, Collin College, Wheeling Jesuit University and other colleges and universities.

Business Management Consultant - I was hired by Fortune 500 companies all across the country as a Special Project Manager to enhance their business in the areas Strategic Planning, Organizational Development and Human Resources. Some of the companies I consulted for are Pepisco, Countrywide Financial, FedEx Office, Centex Homes, Eaton Corporation, Oncor Electric and others.

Award Winning Performance

Throughout my career, I have always been recognized for my hard work and dedication to achieving success. Some of my greatest awards are:

  • Best Presentation Award at the National Family Practitioners Association annual meeting.
  • Award for Honesty, Integrity & Leadership in Air Force ROTC.
  • Process Improvement Award for consulting with UPMC.
  • Employee of the Year from The Pietragallo Law Firm.

Voting for me to become Washington County's next Register of Wills will allow me to continue to work hard and achieve great things for you. Together, we can help make Washington County better together.