Additional Information - It's Time for Change


Chosen "Hand Picked" or Chose to Run Candidates

I am NOT a political insider. I do not believe political parties should be hand picking candidates, endorsing candidates or selecting which candidates to help and which not to help. The Primary Election is a party election where THE PEOPLE decide who they wish to present the party. Influence by the party and hand picking candidates should not occur. I am proud to say, I have chosen to run to become Washington County's next Register of Wills, I was not chosen by the party!


Again, just as candidates should not be hand picked from a select few, anyone and everyone that wishes to run for office should be able to run for office. Endorsements have no place in a Primary Election. Let the People decide who they want to present them in the General Election and let the endorsements occur only in the Fall.

Should Candidates Have Jobs

Yes, all candidates should be fully employed and their employment should be verifiable. Additionally, I think candidates should be able to have 10-20 years of experience before they are able to run a countywide office, just as you would need 20 or more years to run a corporation. I am proud to have 30 years of corporate experience with Fortune 500 companies and have been a college professor at some of the best colleges and universities in the country.

Negative politics

Negative anything has no place in the world. Campaigns should be used to tell the voters about the candidate, not negative things about their opponent. In my experience, candidates that tell you more negative things about their opponent do so because they do not have enough positive things about themselves to run on their own merits. I will always pledge to never go negative and never tell negative "facts" about other candidates because it is my goal to inform the voters about myself and convince them I deserve their vote because of my unmatched education and extensive experience. I am extremely proud to be able to say that no other candidate has multiple graduate degrees. 

Should All Candidates Have Criminal Background Checks

Yes, all candidates should have a criminal background check completed and verified by the voters. I am extremely proud to say that my criminal background check shows I have no criminal record. Because I have unmatched educational achievements and superior experience, people make up things about me having a criminal record. As you can see from the image on this page, I have no criminal record. I hope the voters don't fall for this politically voted trick and vote for the best & most qualified candidate - James Roman for Register of Wills.

Why I Legally Changed My Name

After years of documented, extreme and violent domestic abuse, my entire family (mother and sisters) decided to all legally change our names. We wanted to start a new chapter in our lives and put the domestic abuse behind us. So, in 1995, my mother went back to her maiden name, my sisters changed their names and so did I. This is public record and can be easily found in the courthouse.